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Earthwise LSW70021 Lawn Sweeper Review

The Earthwise LSW70021 is a lawn sweeper made for you! This lawn sweeper comes with a 21-inch height that can be utilized to sweep all of the loose grass that has been left on your lawn after a long day of mowing.

Ever paid someone a few hundred dollars to moe your law but then realize they’ve done a terrible job leaving a bunch of leaves, grass, and twigs sitting in your front garden? Well if you obtain a lawn sweeper you’ll be able to take care of that yourself with relative ease.

All you would have to do is attach the LSW70021 to your tractor or cart and then drive around your lawn, collecting all the grass and fallings that are on the ground.

Earthwise LSW70021Buying it online might sound like a daunting task as who is going to assemble this complex bit of kit? Your lucky day is here though as the Earthwise LSW70021 comes with an easy setup guide that takes just minutes to assemble and doesn’t require any screwdrivers, tools or any other power drills.

With multiple settings available for this garden tool, you can customize and tailor it to your own garden. Whether your sweeping large farmland or a small front garden outside of your condo, you’re not going to go wrong with the LSW70021.

The LSW70021 comes with a 2-year warranty provided by Earthwise. This means even if you happen to break or if there is some kind of manufacturing defect, you’ll be back in working order in no time. This is really important for those of you that might not have the funds to repeatedly buy a new lawn sweeper year after year.

Personally, I’ve tested out this great tool provided by Earthwise and I really cannot recommend it enough. I’ve suggested it to all my friends as it’s saved me countless hours and time that you can be spending elsewhere, getting more tasks done and not waste your valuable resources on your front lawn.

So where can you get this lawn sweeper? You can find this at any homeware store, however, we recommend getting it online. Although this review might be helpful you should see Delicious as they’ve reviewed other lawn sweepers that are in the same price range



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