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HAVIT HV-MS672 Complete Review: Does the Mouse Stand Out?

For gamers who are looking for comfortability at a cheap price, HAVIT HV-MS672 incorporates most of the salient features. HAVIT has outsmarted its competitors with an out-of-the-box product that may have a price tag of as less as $10 but performs better than a regular factory mouse. One look at the mouse would confirm its superiority, however, it fails to keep up with the ardent gamers requiring a bunch of technical features. The comfortability of the mouse restricts it from soaring high; hence, if you are a mild gamer with an inclination of minimal mouse usage, HAVIT HV-MS672 is your baby and is broken down perfectly on the Revisione youtube channel.


Looks and design

The mouse does not beat around the bush with its unique design and make. The cracked design is pleasing to the eyes as many manufacturers blend the cracks with embedded lights giving it an aggressive yet charming look. If you are a gamer that likes his/her eyes pleased while battling the boss HAVIT HV-MS672 should be the one for you. The mouse is said to entertain amazing claw and finger grips, however, smaller hands would not be able to find their sweet spot easily, so check with the experts at tech insider!

Lastly, the Magic Eagle logo steals the show creating an almost expensive look on the gaming mouse. Unfortunately, there have been several instances recording the fading of the unique paint design over time.

Braided Cord and construction

If you are one of those gamers who gets enraged at certain episodes, this gaming mouse should cushion the anger. With continuous tugging and pulling, mice need durability lest they risk damaging themselves. In fact, one of the top reasons why angry gamers invest in mice every once in a while is the constant yanking the gadgets undergo. The durable braided cord of HAVIT HV-MS672 guarantees that your gaming outbursts would not affect another mouse.


Considering the low price of the mouse, it should be evident that HAVIT HV-MS672 is not for the top-notch gamers, as it does not comply with high-tech performances. The mouse has a DPI range of 800/1200/1600/2400. 2400 is the pre-thought DPI, as most gamers adjust the DPI to this setting. Nonetheless, the mouse allows you to lower it in case of sniping sequences requiring a more precise range.

Unlike most other gaming mice, HAVIT HV-MS672 has failed to include a DPI indicator that makes it problematic for the gamers to determine the setting they are on. Amidst intense gaming sessions, it is not uncommon to forget the DPI setting.

The last word

Long sessions of mild gaming suits HAVIT HV-MS672. Being compatible with every Windows version, the mouse does not require any special drivers. The constant changing of the lights could disturb some users despite sporting the unique look. Moreover, the buttons are not programmable, however, given the cheap price of the gaming mouse users cannot complain much. Lastly, the excellent ergonomics and unrivaled functionality are what make HAVIT HV-MS672 desirable.

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