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Sigmund Freud: Vienna’s Best

        Sigmund Freud is one of Austria’s most famous people. He was a neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. He was known as one of the most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century. He focused on the mind in his work and came up with some interesting theories that people did not quite understand at that time.

Sigmund Freud studied many different topics. He is mostly known for his theory of Unconscious. He was one of the first people to bring up this theory and what it means exactly. He stated that human behavior is normally hidden in our heads. Our mental processes have different states that can determine these actions. When you have a slip of the tongue or weird dreams, there are reasons that you do this. He believed we all made choices whether conscious or not.

Infantile Sexuality is the first theory that we think about when someone says Freud’s name. This was his biggest and most known theory. He believed there were several stages in this theory. As an infant, there is the oral stage. When babies are born, they get pleasure from sucking. The next stage is the anal stage. This states that a child will show interest in sexual parts and see that they are sites of pleasure.  There is a phallic stage and the Oedipus complex. This is all a part of human development.

Freud Fun Facts

  • He was the oldest child in a family with eight children.
  • He was an advocate for Cocaine, and a user. He said that it made him have a great feeling and it felt good to use it. He thought it was the miracle drug.
  • Freud founded Psychoanalysis.
  • He wrote books to help us interpret our dreams.
  • He became a doctor for the woman that he loved. He was going to be a scientist but did not make enough money. So, he became a doctor in order to marry the love of his life.
  • He helped develop talk therapy.
  • His daughter was also a Psychologist.
  • Lifelong cigar smoker.
  • He came to the United States one time in his whole life.
  • He was forced to leave his home because of the Nazis.
  • He had over 30 surgeries to help treat his mouth cancer.
  • He was always extremely close to his mother.
  • He spoke eight different languages.
  • He never wanted to be a doctor at all.
  • He paid a lot of attention to sexual conflicts and believed that if you had something sexual and traumatic happen to you as a child, your adulthood years would reflect neurotic sexual behaviors occurring.
  • He was said to try to block out or suppress his traumatic experiences as a child that involved his father and perverted acts.
  • He felt a lot of sexual attraction to his mother and this would cause problems with him and his wife.
  • His wife was emotionally bothered by the relationship he had with his mother.
  • He was addicted to cocaine and cigar all of his life.

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